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The premiere of Virtue Dinner at Mochi, Vienna was a great event. During the interview, I had a choice to pick one out of six virtues. I picked Discipline. And the first question was why.

People who follow me know my lifestyle. Traveling, soul trips, Alaska, Maui, and the beach. It may look like a free spirited lifestyle, which may be the opposite of discipline.

NOT IN MY LIFE. I specifically chose discipline was because I LOVE discipline. Discipline is fundament of my dreams and makes it possible to live magic.

When I was eleven years old, I was already training about 20 hours a week. On super hot summer days, I trained in biking while friends hung out at the lake. When I look back now all of this was crazy.

Goal setting is the key to discipline.

It was never the discipline that motivated me to train 20-30 hours a week or to go to the gym at 4 am so that I could adjust a day faster to the time change. It wasn’t discipline to be on the slopes before sunrise. It was all about the dream, about the sparkle in my heart which kept me going.

So if you are not committed and not disciplined in a special task, now is the moment to question if your goal goal is aligned with what you desire.

Perhaps you don’t care about the outcome. That doesn’t mean you are undisciplined. It’s only a question of priorities and what is important to you.

My advice is tofind something you absolutely love, commit and be disciplined about it : )


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