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YOGA WEEK FÜRSTENFELD – Mo 29.07. – Fr 02.08.



WANN: Mo 29.07. – Fr 02.08.
ZEIT: jeden Abend 18:00-20:00
WO: Stadtbergen 8 / 8280 Fürstenfeld

Preis: 140 €
auf Anfrage auch nur ausgewählte Tage möglich. 
Anmeldung einfach per Email: julia.dujmovits@yahoo.com
oder einfach vorbei kommen 😉 
Bezahlung vor Ort oder über Eversports APP


Experience a strong slow vinyasa flow based on alignment. Take time to deepen the practice in a workshop style. Connect deeply to your breathing. Sthira and Sukham – Steadiness and Ease. Balancing on the edge of your physical limit in a controlled way is where transformation starts. Feel the powerful combination of mental training techniques and yoga flows. Step out of your comfort zone to step back into your zone in a more resourceful way.

Learn how to breath back into your life balance. Yoga is a spiritual practice and will help you to reconnect with your needs. Feel that your body is the most powerful healer – physically and emotionally. Align your body, align your thoughts, make clear decisions. Power up your life by slowing down for a moment. Understand pain as a wake up call. Learn how to balance out repetitive movements and static load or simply deepen your yoga practice to the next level.

My background and style of teaching:

As a pro athlete, I was looking for something to complete this last one percent. The one percent which will make the difference between Olympic Gold and Silver. I had no idea, that yoga would influence and transform my life in so many positive ways. Over the last 15 years as a pro athlete, I consistently pushed my mind and body in training and in competition mentally and physically. Yoga was my counterpart. It introduced me to the feeling of slowing down into a healing practice. A healing practice for the body. For the mind. And for the soul.

I love to practice a strong slow vinyasa flow based on alignment with a deep connection to breathing. I have a crush on feeling the physical limits because it’s a very simple way to connect to your mental and physical strength. Balancing on the edge of your physical limit in a controlled way is where transformation starts. It’s never your body which stops you. It’s always your mind.

Yoga is the study of balance, and balance is the aim of all living creatures. A spiritual practice is one that brings us full circle. Not to a new self but, rather, back to the essence of our true self.

Cant wait to meet you. To play and explore. A L O H A <3

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