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Dreams. Vision. Change. Impact.


The life path of Julia Dujmovits is a prime example of how visions and dreams can become reality if you believe in your inner strengths. She is open minded, lives an urban lifestyle and is interested in sports, nature, yoga, fashion, art and people. Her thoughts and ideas are contagious and have inspired many.
Already at the age of 11, this young girl from Burgenland envisioned her dream to win a gold medal at the Olympic Games. At only 13, she survived the Kaprun disaster, a tragic funnicular accident where she lost her entire team. This traumatic experience shaped her into the person she is today. After many painful setbacks, she finally reached her life long goal. In the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games, Julia Dujmovits was crowned as the Olympic champion in snowboarding-PSL.


Globally, there is no higher athletic achievement for excellence and perseverance beyond receiving the Olympic gold medal. Julia Dujmovits has received numerous of other awards: Women of the Year, Female Athlete of the Year and as a personality with social responsibilities.


Julia Dujmovits stands for her values and wants to inspire others. She learned that luck, fortune and chance are not ingredients for success. Passion and continual perseverance towards a goal is what keeps her going.

Julia Dujmovits is more than a professional  snowboarder. Not only is she an ambassador for the Laureus Sport for Good foundation, alongside 200 of the other biggest names in sports, but also an international Yoga instructor and launched her YouTube channel.

Turn Visions into reality.

Behind every great story lies a principle. At the beginning there is a vision, a clear set of goals and expectations regarding the future. However, these stories only become relevant and relatable through the people who manage to turn their visions into reality.

“Never pass on an opportunity. Try not to hide from the unknown. Be friendly and accept the challenges of life with a smile. Dare to clear your mind and discover new things. And if it hurts, it’s probably worth it!”

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