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Klick to TEDx Vienna Talk Dreams. Vision. Change. Impact. Individuality. The life path of Julia Dujmovits is a prime example of how visions and dreams can become reality if you believe in your inner strengths. She is open minded, lives an urban lifestyle and is interested ... View Post BE.Speaker

Spirit Flow at ACTAI.

Inspire each other and let the spirit flow. This was a fun and powerful class I taught at Actai Hamptons. There is nothing better than flowing into the energy of inspiration. To inspire and to be inspired. To feel the Energy of change and the gratitude for the gifts we ... View Post Spirit Flow at ACTAI.


Aktuelle Workshops Startet am Samstag, 12.01.2019 Salzburg; 13.01.2019 Fürstenfeld Preis ab 50,00 €  BOOK NOW!!   My style of teaching. Alignment. Strength. Therapeutic. Spirit.   As a pro athlete, I was looking for something to complete this last one percent. The one percent which will ... View Post BE.yoga

Julia Dujmovits

I BELIEVE LIFE IS ABOUT THE LIGHT THAT WE SHARE. AND THE VISION WE STRIVE FOR. I grew up in the most eastern part of Austria among the vast flatland with wineries, where there are no mountains, no skiing, and no snowboarding. Yet ever since I was a little child, ... View Post Julia Dujmovits