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Transforming. A powder adventure for your soul.

Ready for an transforming adventure
you will never forget?

Heli Snowboarding / Skiing + Yoga + Mental Training.
Canada, BC March 08 – 16, 2019


Live for the moments you can’t put into words. Strap on your snowboard and connect to the beautiful untouched nature of Canada. Your day begins with Yoga Flow. Enter the state of mental brilliance. Use mental techniques to align snowboarding / skiing flow to your daily life. Recharge your body, mind and soul with a week of extraordinary experiences.

Share your spirit, meet awesome people, reconnect to nature. Feel the fascination of riding lines, explore yourself and nature and discover the power within you. 

* YOGA Workshop

* MENTAL Training Techniques

* Exclusive Olympic Gold Medalist, TEDx Speaker, 500hr Yoga Teacher

* one Helicopter / 4 people

* Yoga max 12 people

* Get ready to recharge your body / mind / soul

Olympic Gold. Coach. Trainer. Yoga Teacher. Snowboarding Alpine and Freestyle Instructor.

* Take your riding, yoga and mental state to the next level. We are sharing excellence and our passion.

* Ride the best lines of your life.

* Powder smile guarantee.

* Learn coaching techniques to use in business and daily life.

* Learn the essence in goal setting

* Video download: goal setting/ mental coaching program in a vinyasa yoga flow sequence.

* Get ready to recharge your body / mind / soul.


Yoga is the study of balance, and balance is the aim of all living creatures. A spiritual practice is one that brings us full circle. – Not to a new self but, rather, back to the essence of our true self. Yoga is one path out of the spiritual wilderness, a highway that was built by those who came before… Yoga reminds us that we are already there, that we need simply awaken from our dream of separation, our dream of imperfection.

Experience a strong slow vinyasa flow based on alignment. Connect deeply to your breathing. Sthira and Sukham – Steadiness and Ease. Balancing on the edge of your physical limit in a controlled way is where transformation starts. Feel the powerful combination of mental training techniques and yoga flows. Step out of your comfort zone to step back into your zone in a more resourceful way.

Is it extrem? What skills do I need?

NO it’s not extrem. It’s an adventure! It’s fun! It’s nature. Deep snow. What you need are basic/ good skiing snowboarding skills. It’s not about perfection it’s about sharing amazing experiences and lines together.


Stellar Heliskiing is located in the charming mountain town of Kaslo, British Columbia. Situated on Highway 31, along the western shoreline of Kootenay Lake, Kaslo is surrounded by the mighty Purcell and Selkirk mountain ranges. Known for its relaxed atmosphere and friendly people, Kaslo is the perfect place to kick back after a full day of powder skiing.


When someone mentions Kaslo, British Columbia, they do so with a hushed voice. ‘Kaslo?’, they say. ‘I’ve heard of Kaslo… Isn’t the skiing there supposed to be legendary?’. The whole conversation is said through whispers, as if letting each other in on a well kept secret.

Known as the powder skiing and boarding mecca of British Columbia, the Kootenays are known for their laid back vibe, friendly people, and an uncontainable love of mountain culture. Just one hour north of Nelson, our base in Kaslo is surrounded by the famous Selkirk and Purcell mountain ranges, an area revered for having some of the best skiing in the world.

Seeing over 18 meters (60ft) of snowfall each year, the snow we ski is some of the deepest and driest in the world. With terrain rising to over 3,000 meters, our guests are able to ski open bowls, high alpine peaks, and magnificent old growth forests that are suited for everyone, whether your a first time backcountry skier or expert powder rider. All of this terrain is just a short helicopter ride away!


THE SENTINEL. Escape To An Enchanted Oasis. Settle in to our luxurious accommodation experience, offering you access to an on-property hot tub and sauna, spacious sunroom, majestic Maloca roundhouse meeting hall, comfortable dining area and more. Rooms are double occupancy with a shared bathroom, lake view.

Yoga Studio

Deepen into your yoga practice surrounded by nature. Relax and sweat in the cedar sauna.

Like every good powder stash, Stellar Heliskiing is a little off the main track. We are based in the Kootenay town of Kaslo, British Columbia, which is a one hour drive from Nelson, British Columbia.

We’ve outlined some different options for how to get here. Unsure which option is best? Reach out to us and we will help guide you through the best way to travel to Kaslo.

  • Drive from Calgary to Kaslo (603 km).
  • Drive from Vancouver to Kaslo (729 km).
  • Fly from Vancouver or Calgary to West Kootenay Regional Airport (YCG) in Castlegar, BC. From there, taxi or rent a car for the drive to Kaslo (114 km) or take a Queen City shuttle bus to Nelson and get picked up by Stellar and driven to Kaslo. (caution higher probability of weather cancellations)
  • Fly from Vancouver or Calgary to Kelowna International Airport (YLW) in Kelowna, BC. From there, rent a car and drive to Kaslo (334 km) or contact us to arrange a charter bus or helicopter.
  • Fly from Vancouver or Calgary to Cranbrook/Canadian Rockies International Airport (YXC) in Cranbrook, BC. From there, rent a car and drive to Kaslo (227 km) or contact us to arrange a charter bus or helicopter.
  • Fly to Spokane International Airport (GEG) in Spokane, WA. From there, taxi or rent a car for the drive to Kaslo (237 km) or take a Queen City shuttle bus to Nelson and get picked up by Stellar and driven to Kaslo.


Want to get to the powder faster? Stellar can provide you with a charter plane and/or helicopter transfers. Charter a flight from Vancouver or Calgary to either Cranbrook or Kelowna then bus or helicopter to Kaslo, cutting your travel time in half. Contact us for more details.

Map of how to get to Stellar Heliskiing in BC's Kootenay Mountains.

Heli Snowboarding / Skiing + Yoga + Mental Coaching.
Canada, BC March 08 – 16, 2019

CA$ 12.500,00





feel free to CONTACT
Julia Dujmovits

Tobias Holzer / Julia Dujmovits

Julia: 0664 9159 666

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